APM 466 / MAT 1856


You can meet the TA Julio at 2 pm on Tuesday April 25 in his office to pick up the second assignment (BA7256).



This is an introductory course to a variety of topics in Mathematical Finance; the objective of the course is to give students a broad view of the field. The themes developed in the course include bond and fixed income mathematics, asset and derivative pricing, credit risk, investments and hedge funds. The course is cross-listed as an undergraduate course and a graduate course. The course does not have a textbook; all material required to know is contained in the lecture notes below.


The TA for this course is Julio Hernandez Bellon, who can be reached at julio.hernandezbellon@mail.utoronto.ca


He will hold officer hours on Fridays from 2 to 3 pm, in BA7256.


Course outline


The course has a facebook page linked to the email address




While this will not be an official communication channel for the course, in the past it has proved to be a valuable system to issue occasional announcements quickly, and some students use that as a venue to ask questions in a manner that will be visible to other students. If you do use it for that purpose, I will try to answer in a timely fashion, but please make communications open so others can see my answers.




For assignment 1, students will need to access Canadian bond price data, which can be obtained in the link below:


Links to Canadian Bond Prices


Assignment 2 can be downloaded here:


You can download the lecture notes below:


Interest rates

Fixed Income mathematics

Asset pricing

Option Pricing 

Swing Options

Risk Measures


Risk Management Exercises

Investment Risk Management - Hedge Funds

Credit risk part 1, Credit Risk part 2, Credit Risk part 3.


Past tests


Midterm 1, 2010.

Midterm 1, 2012.

Exam, 2003