Financial Professional Training Program

Our Training Service

Our programs are suitable for Banking, Investment, Insurance, IT, Analytics and Audit professionals with an interest in investment management and risk management. It is also beneficial for Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Business, Finance graduates who are interested in investment management and financial risk management career.

In partnership with the GGSJ Centre of Digital Management and Technology Innovation and the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, and RiskLab offers the following Certification Programs:

FinTech Online Certificate;
COE Certificate in Entrepreneurship;
and COE+I Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Internship

These certificates are designed to meet the needs of students and professionals in the wake of the technology revolution. It enables students to succeed in a modern digital world in the areas of FinTech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students will be introduced to techniques to promote new business ideas and will develop skills in the areas of negotiation, collaboration, leadership and time management skills. They also expose students to working in decentralized teams that employ technology solutions for virtual collaboration, bridging the gap between the traditional in-person education with remote working.

The COE and COE+I share the development of essential skills to innovate and start a successful business through the use of startup simulations. The COE+I provides an internship experience that allows students to understand the startup process. The CO+I includes four weeks of remote internships through a virtual involvement in startups internationally.


In the FinTech Certificate, the training focuses on the challenges that technology and innovation bring to the increasingly digitized world of finance. Instructors include members of the University Community as well as industrial practitioners. The FinTech program offers training on Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as well as Quantitative Analysis of Financial Markets.


Upon Completion, students obtain a certification by the Risklab at the University of Toronto and by the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences


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