semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment, and refurbish imported equipment.

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[Name Withheld]  located in Xibei Town, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the main business is to develop and manufacture new semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment, and refurbish imported equipment.
At present, it is the largest manufacturer of grinding liquid supply systems in China, and the largest supplier of refurbished equipment in China. The company’s own equipment and remanufacturing equipment currently serve more than 80 customers and more than 90 fabs at home and abroad.
The company’s main customers are major domestic semiconductor chip manufacturers, such as: SMIC, Huahong Semiconductor, Shilan, China Resources Semiconductor…… And other domestic chip manufacturers.
The company’s business mainly focuses on semiconductor equipment, while taking into account parts and technical services, in the semiconductor 8 main departments, refurbished equipment can be refurbished equipment in 7 departments, new equipment in 2 departments, and other auxiliary new equipment also has 3 kinds. At present, the company’s equipment is deeply cultivated in 8 inches and 12 inches, while extending to 6 inches and the third generation of semiconductor equipment, and the type of equipment is also increasing year by year, hoping to expand the scale, strengthen the accumulation of technology and advantages, and make domestic high-quality equipment suppliers.
GMC is preparing for the main board listing, and for build chip manufacturing factories in rich foreign countries.